How To Profit Using Autoresponders

In this post I’m going to share with you some of the secrets I’ve learned in using an autoresponder. If you want to be successful online this is something you will have to do, so take the time to learn it well and then follow it religiously.

Autoresponders can be considered as “automated sales people” who tirelessly follow up with your customers. You simply create a series of letters and decide how often you want them to be sent. Then, when people sign up for your autoresponder series, each follow-up letter is sent based on the schedule that you’ve set. It’s that simple!

Email Marketing

So what can you do with Autoresponders? You can do just about anything that you can do with
e-mail. Listed below are some of the most popular ways that people are using Autoresponders these days:

Deliver F~R~E~E Reports
Provide Support Follow-up
Deliver Online Sales and Training Courses
Deliver Frequently Asked Questions
Process Online Forms

There are basically three types of Autoresponders available. Each one has its own pros and cons, and it’s up to you to determine which one best meets your needs. Here’s a brief look at the options available to you:

PC-Based Autoresponders

This is a software package that you install on your PC. It parses and processes incoming mail through your existing e-mail client and responds to messages that meet your criteria.


You pay a one-time fee and you own the software.
It’s easy to use but provides only the most basic autoresponder services.


It works only when your PC is on and connected to the Internet.
It’s only as fast as your Internet connection
Your ISP may not allow you to send large quantities of mail.
You could get shut down if a subscriber forgets that they asked for your autoresponder series and makes a S~P~A~M complaint

Owner-Managed, Web-Based Autoresponders

This is software that you install on your own web site. While some of the packages are full-featured, many are weak and buggy.


Typically you pay a one-time fee and you own it.
Some versions have advanced features.
It’s as fast as your server’s Internet connection.


You need advanced technical knowledge to install and maintain the autoresponder.

You have to own your own web site and domain name.

You may exceed your web host’s daily bandwidth limits if your autoresponder series is popular.

You could get shut down if a subscriber forgets that they asked for your autoresponder series and makes a S~P~A~M complaint

Autoresponder Service Provider

This is an autoresponder service that you simply sign up to use. Everything is hosted on the service provider’s web site. You pay your monthly fee and you have full use of the service.


You don’t need any technical knowledge

You don’t need to own your own web site or domain name

You don’t have to worry about e-mail or bandwidth limits

Most autoresponder operators realize that autoresponder S~P~A~M complaints are usually bogus, so they are more lenient when you get one.

There is a monthly fee but involved but, in most cases, it’s more than worth it than have to deal with all the hassles of running your own.

Most marketers, except for the really technically inclined and those who have very deep pockets, opt for using an autoresponder service. It just makes sense.

Deciding what type of autoresponder you want is just the first step. No autoresponder is a good deal if you don’t understand the secrets of using them to make money.

In my next post I’ll be sharing some of the secrets I’ve learned in making money using Autoresponders. I’m also going to give you a FREE gift just for reading this post. In a hurry? Signup below to receive it immediately.


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